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Ask Me Anything: 20 Vaginal Hygiene Tips Every Woman Should Know

Updated: May 28, 2021

First things first, just as all aspects of health, good vaginal health is maintained by ensuring you are in good health.


1. Note, the most important part about vaginal hygiene is maintaining its PH.

2. Exercise like walking and running helps tone the pelvic floor, which helps with vaginal functioning.

3. Change tampons, pads, and liners at least 4-5 times a day.

4. It helps to wash or wipe the area regularly during your period.

5. Avoid scented versions of the products mentioned in tip 4.


  1. Water is the best cleanser, possibly with a mild soap not strong smell soap or shower gels. The scents can irritate the area and will only serve as a mask to cover up an actual issue that might be causing odor. Your vagina needs to smell like you- (natural) and not smell like flowers.

  2. Do not douche as it can disrupt the pH and strip the vagina of necessary bacteria, causing infections and irritation.

  3. Wash the area with warm water daily, even if you skip a shower.

  4. After using the toilet, wipe front to back. Even better, rinse with warm water to remove unwanted bacteria and pat dry.


  1. During sex, bacteria can sometimes get into the urethra. After sex, make sure you urinate to flush out bacteria and avoid contracting a urinary tract infection.

  2. You should also shower or at least clean the vulva after sex with warm water and thoroughly dry.

  3. If you use toys, do not share sex toys with your partner.

  4. Get tested for HIV and STI annually if in a committed relationship and they person is also committed to you, otherwise get tested every three months.


  1. Avoid tight-fitting pants that restrict air circulation in the vaginal area.

  2. Wear cotton underwear over synthetic fabric. Cotton is better at absorbing moisture.

  3. Change your clothes and underwear after the gym.

  4. Do not wear a thong while exercising. The constant movement will introduce anal bacteria into the vagina and cause infections.

  5. Avoid wearing a wet swimsuit all day.

  6. Change your underwear twice a day if you have extra discharge to avoid sitting in damp underwear.

Your vagina is a sensitive area and, maintaining good hygiene is incredibly simple, know what to do, to avoid bacterial, fungal and viral infections


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