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Health screening for men over 40: Where to begin

As men get older than 40, there are several common health issues they should become more consistently aware of. Now is the time to get serious about screening for health problems so that you’re ready to tackle anything that comes along and don’t get blindsided by a late diagnosis. You’ll live longer if you consistently get risky areas checked out and being prepared will give you more time to adjust your lifestyle wherever possible.

4 Health concerns every man should look out for

1. Blood pressure

Men should start getting their blood pressure tested regularly after age 40. Medication can help keep blood pressure in check, so it’s essential to get it tested so that you can start this treatment before things get more severe.

2. Colorectal cancer

Men over age 40 should begin screening for colorectal cancer. There are several standard colon cancer screening methods. These include testing a stool sample and colonoscopies, among other options.

3. Osteoporosis

After age 40, it’s time to start talking to your doctor about the warning signs of osteoporosis. If there are risk factors present, the doctor may suggest regular screenings. Once you turn 40, it’s also time to start regularly taking lipid profile tests to screen for this issue.

4. Blood sugar

Men over 40 should have their blood sugar tested regularly. Once every three years is a good metric. If blood sugar levels are above average, it’s time to begin screening for diabetes. Diabetes is increasingly common among men, and Hemoglobin A1C tests are sometimes used to detect signs of this disease.

The big C: Prevention is key

Prostate cancer is, unfortunately, prevalent among men. Men with high risks should begin regular screenings after 40. There are two common tests for prostate cancer screening: a blood tumor test for the prostate-specific antigen and digital rectal tests. Keeping regular checks is the best bet against finding out you have cancer at a late stage.

Get specific in your screenings

Health screenings get more specific for men over age 40. Men who have ever smoked cigarettes should get screened for abdominal aortic aneurysms. This can be done via imaging tests. Additionally, many Americans qualify for yearly low-dose CT lung scans. Though it’s not often discussed, older men are at a higher risk for Hepatitis C, and it’s estimated that half of the cases go undiagnosed. A blood test can screen for hepatitis C.


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