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3 Science-Backed Benefits of Male Involvement in Pregnancy

Women have a lot of burdens to shoulder during pregnancy, like never-ending changes to their bodies, morning sickness, and more. And while their cis male counterpart obviously can’t take every burden completely off a woman’s shoulders, their involvement in the pregnancy certainly makes a world of difference.

Here are five key benefits of male involvement in pregnancy to keep in mind:

1. Male involvement results in lower risks for postpartum depression for moms.

Around one in seven women can develop postpartum depression, or PPD, which is a period characterized by feelings of intense sadness, despair, anxiety, and irritability. This condition can not only affect the livelihood of a new mom, but it can affect the bond she has with her new baby.

Thankfully, though, a review of fourteen research studies shows that male involvement can help a mom’s mental health and significantly reduce the odds of developing PPD.

2. Male involvement increases moms’ utilization of healthcare services.

When it comes to the healthcare system, things can get confusing fast, and as a new mom, it’s easy to forget all the resources that are available to you.

But when dad gets involved throughout the pregnancy, he “understands the risks and needs of the wife during this period.” Thus, he’s more likely to encourage his partner to take advantage of skilled health care and services that can improve health outcomes for herself and the baby.

3. Male involvement reduces maternal stress levels.

Chronic emotional stress during pregnancy can affect the fetus and potentially cause long-term consequences for its development. And even after birth, babies depend on their parents to help regulate their mental and emotional state.

One study found that the primary benefit of male involvement during pregnancy is the reduction of said stress, and it’s believed that this involvement leads to optimal mental and physical health in the mom and baby.

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