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3 Mental Health Tips for Men to Combat Anxiety and Depression

Mental health concerns like burnout or depression aren’t a gender thing—they affect us all. And although it might be historically taboo or difficult to discuss your mental state or how you’re really doing as men, for the sake of your health, it’s crucial that you learn how to start and establish a self-care routine ASAP.

Learning how to recognize uncomfortable feelings and then take the appropriate steps to cope with them can help you improve your well-being, relationships, outlook on life, and more. So whether you need solutions for daily work stress or to lessen your anxiety, here are three effective strategies to keep in mind on the road to better mental health:

1. Find a new hobby to enjoy.

If you’ve felt stressed out recently, partaking in a new hobby is a great way to unwind and decompress after a long day. Whether it’s cooking, crocheting, a pottery class, or reading a good book, a relaxing hobby provides you a guilt-free chance to focus solely on yourself and something you enjoy. Plus, it gives you one more thing to look forward to in your week.

2. Work on strengthening your social connections.

You know what they say, humans are social beings—and so much so that having strong social connections has an impressive impact on health, from strengthening immunity to promoting greater self-esteem.

You might have to break out of your shell a bit for this one, but meeting up with a group to play sports, going to an event to make friends, or even video calling an old friend are all transformative ways to boost one’s mental health.

3. Get better sleep.

It’s tempting to stay up late binge-watching TV or scrolling social media to alleviate your stress, but the better fix that’s proven to boost well-being is a good night of sleep. Aim to get 7-9 hours of rest a night, and in time, you should notice a positive change in your mood.

Know that self-care is a strength, not a weakness

Don’t let your stress build up before it’s too late. Instead, take action now, and start building a self-care routine with the tips above today!


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