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5 Ways to Keep Millennials at Your Organization for 5 Years

If you spend some time on the millennials’ side of the Internet, you’ll quickly learn that they don’t hold the same company loyalties as their elders might. This new generation of employees has rightfully earned their title as the “Job Hopping Generation.” A recent report found that nearly a quarter of millennials have changed jobs just within the past year, and 60% of them are open to a new job opportunity.

So what should this tell employers? First, it's time to step up and engage millennial employees now before you lose them. Second, employers must give millennials a reason to stay at their company because the truth is, millennials will continue to leave jobs until they finally find one that’s worthwhile.

Could that company be yours? It can be if you put in the work to keep millennials engaged. Here are five ways employers can take steps to retain millennials at their organization for five years or more:

Offer flexible work-from-home options.

Let’s face it. After over a year spent at home, few people are elated to go back to the office full-time. But millennials lead the pack of those who want to spend the least time in the office. So employers listen to their needs and offer work-from-options. It’s one of the easiest ways on this list to keep millennials at your office—virtually and physically.

Support teamwork and encourage employees to use their voices.

No one did group projects nearly as much as younger generations have, so inspire collaboration amongst your team. Another way to make millennials feel seen and heard (which they love) is by making their voices heard. Provide opportunities for feedback and listen to what your employees have to say.

Support the learning and development of employees.

Millennials care about what they can get from a company, not just the other way around. Offering development and enrichment opportunities is the key to lowering employee turnover rates. Whether it’s access to a conference or even helping employees through higher education, your millennial employees will thank you for it by staying.

Offer more opportunities to grow.

Did you know that 87% of millennials say professional growth is their top priority? Then you need to give them room to grow! Millennials are more likely to stay at your company if they can level up in your workplace.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with incentives.

Millennials love fun incentives. Whether it’s a free gym membership, or monthly bring your dog to the office days, or even office happy hours, these are all unique ways to keep your employees engaged and excited about work. So get to know your employees, and think of incentives that might rile up your team.

The bottom line

It might seem like millennials are asking for a lot, but they’re not. All they want is an employer who listens to them, supports them, and takes a holistic approach to make work meaningful.


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