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What Can Men Learn From Therapy? Let's Talk Men!

Men are known for being less likely to open up about their feelings or ask for help, and although this might be true for many men, squashing your feelings or “manning up” truly helps no one. Millions of men go undiagnosed and suffer from mental disorders all the time due to their reluctance to talk. But it’s time things changed, and men begin taking advantage of mental health resources like therapy.

Why should I go to therapy?

Whether you think you might be depressed, anxious, or stressed, men seek talk therapy for all sorts of reasons, and you might find that it could be a good option for you, too, on the journey to better holistic health.

Here are a few life events or things you might want to get help with in therapy:

● Grief/loss

● Moving to a new city

● Separation/divorce

● Relationship issues (family, platonic, romantic, etc.)

● Health problems

● Lack of purpose

● Career help

● Loneliness

The best part about therapy is that you’re allowed to bring whatever you want to the floor to discuss with your therapist, so if there’s anything that’s been on your mind or bothered you recently, your session is the perfect space to process and work through your feelings accordingly.

What are the benefits of going to therapy?

If you’re not used to opening up, you might wonder what you can get out of talking to a therapist, so here are a few benefits to consider:

  • You’ll understand yourself and your feelings more. Therapy may be the only time you have to focus on your thoughts, emotions, and self as a whole, so getting to know yourself better as you spend time in therapy is 100% a part of the process.

  • You gain strategies that help you reach your goals. A good therapist equips you with tools and resources to help you cope and make better decisions moving forward, so you can feel empowered even outside of your sessions.

  • You will improve your overall well-being. Good health includes mental health, and by working on it, you benefit your social and physical health, too.

What should I expect?

During your first session, your therapist will get to know you better and help you establish your care goals. And remember, you always have the option to move on and find a new therapist if you don’t feel connected to your current one.

Everyone’s therapy journey is unique, but every man stands to benefit in some way from it. You can get started by finding a therapist near you at


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