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Know Your Reproductive Rights: 6 Resources to Help You Navigate the Overturn of Roe v. Wade

You’ve probably heard too much negative news to even keep track of since the Supreme Court overruled the right to abortion once granted by the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. However, if the overturn has brought on feelings of stress, anxiety, or hopelessness that you can’t quite shake, it might help you to understand your reproductive rights and know where you can turn for support.

We’ve rounded up a mix of resources, everything from maps outlining the states where abortion is legal to lists of crisis pregnancy centers near you, so take what you need from down below:

1. We Testify: Abortion Explained

Abortion is a common topic of conversation nowadays, but there’s no shame if you still have questions about it. We Testify, an organization devoted to uplifting the voice of people who receive abortion care has a section on its website that provides a deep dive into all things abortion, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice-related. Discover it here.

2. Noise For Now: Find Abortion Clinics and Funds

Find Planned Parenthood Clinics, independent abortion clinics, or abortion funds near you using Noise for Now’s interactive, colored-coded map here. You can filter your search by the type of clinic, and rest assured that the abortion funds are sourced from credible nonprofits like Abortion Care Network or the National Abortion Federation.

3. I Need an A: How to Get an Abortion

If you need an abortion now or ever, I Need an A is a website that exists to give people seeking abortions the most relevant information about how to receive care. After putting in 3 pieces of non-personally-identifiable pieces of information into the site’s form, you’ll be shown the closest clinics near you, abortion funds, and other resources. Learn more about the creator of the site here.

4. Crisis Pregnancy Center Map

If you didn’t know, there are many fake women’s health centers around the country that pose as abortion clinics or reproductive health facilities, all with the intent to dissuade people from ending their pregnancies. To avoid stumbling across one, use the Crisis Pregnancy Center Map, which displays these “fake” centers around the country, to cross-check any healthcare centers you may be interested in near you. Discover the map here, and learn more about anti-abortion clinics in this New York Times article.

5. The 19th: Abortion Laws by State

If you want the 411 on what abortion looks like in every state right now, including details like the gestational limit for abortions, a glossy of common terms, and more, then save the 19th’s interactive map as a bookmark. The map is updated regularly and reflects the latest status of abortion rights in each state, so visit the site and scroll down for more reproductive news and a state-by-state breakdown of abortion rights.

6. Plan C: At-Home Abortion Access

Plan C is an information campaign with a mission to transform access to abortion in the US by normalizing the self-directed option of abortion pills by mail. On their website, you can find up-to-date information on at-home abortion pills, what they are, and how to find them near you. Explore Plan C’s website that’s chock-full of other resources here.

Whatever you do, learn your rights

We are, without a doubt, living in challenging times right now, and it can be difficult to find hope for the future. However, the best thing anyone with the ability to become pregnant can do right now is to know their reproductive rights, so learn more on the US Department of Health and Human Services website here.

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